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action. james is back home where his wife tells us she must monitor him 24 hours a day along with 28-year-old calvin locknear, police picked up two teens in connection with tuesday's beating. emmanuel mill areand zachary. both face charges except the hate crime because they tell police that locknear was the ring leader in this racial attack. >> we're not in a position to know the full extent of their beliefs and a lot about their lives. >> it's not the group giving the direction, it's the people belonging to the groups for whatever reason who tend to be acting on their own ideology. >> there are 13 known racist groups active in our state including the maryland skinheads. a 2007 documentary you are watching right now is posted on youtube. >>> the world health organization is warning that swine flu could soon explode back on the scene. officials say most countries may see swine flu cases double every three to four days until peak transmission is reached. >>> robert novak will be laid to rest today. he passed away tuesday after a long battle with cancer. he sparked a major controversy after
the people who is seeing it and can safely send us an ireport, easy to upload your photos, videos, stories. tell us what you are seeing. we give you a call. make sure you have seen is as well. fred, we are monitoring, twitter, facebook. telling everyone if you have seen this. aware, impacting you, my pages, facebook and twitter,/joshlevscnn. >> to recap. happening right now. for the second time this year. we have an air emergency in new york's hudson river. rescue efforts are under way right now after a reported collision of a helicopter and a small plane. and it happened just after noon today. six people reportedly on board the chopper which belongs to a local sightseeing company, called liberty tours. according to the u.s. coast guard only one person has been recovered so far. here's what other eyewitnesses are telling us. >> i did not see the collision. i looked up into the sky. and i saw a plume of smoke. i saw a helicopter twirling through the air. and the rotors were removed. there were pieces and shards of the helicopter flying around. the actual body of the helicop
institute >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. testiculate the forecast with sandra shaw. -- let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> it will feel like fall by next week. i am looking forward to that. as far as today, it is going to be warm out there and nice. we will not have a lot of humidity from the tropical air mass. 69 degrees in york, pennsylvania. we are dealing with a nice, dry airmass. that will continue through tomorrow. mostly sunny skies today. around 84 degrees-88 degrees. and other cool light tonight down into the 60's. we are monitoring something very closely in the tropics. i will get to that in a bit. let's check on traffic. >> we have somewhat of a busy start. in the kings' bill area, some lanes are closed due to a down the pole. we have an accident with possible lane closures in another area. watch for continued closures and due to a water main break near mlk. no word yet on when it may be open. here is a live view of the traffic on i-95 just south of the beltw
it's going to be a hot, huggy one for us tonight. a mix of clouds and clear areas. you see a couple of showers coming in across the mountains moving up into pennsylvania. we'll see showers and thunderstorms later on in the day more towards afternoon and the evening hours. 85 by noon and partly cloudy skies. 89 this afternoon and again, some of the downpours could be heavy. we may need flash flood watches or warnings later on this afternoon. see what's happening on the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: friday is off to a great start as far as the morning commute is concerned. just have a little bit of building volume as you make your way around liberty road towards malt more national pike. no problems on the beltway, either. headed out to the beach as well, route 50 eastbound and the bay bridge are checking in without any problems. on the outer loop on the east side at hartford road, the tire treads remain in the right lane blocking the right lane so use caution if you are traveling that area. checking the jfx, no problems to let you know about. if you are looking for a business that y
that ted kennedy passed away. >> it's a time of memory. means a lot to us, the kennedy family, and all that they've contributed to us and our country. >> more than 50 of kennedy's colleagues plan to be here. all of the living presidents are expected to attend the service. and president obama will speak. earlier, the kennedy family gathered for a private mass at the hyannis port compound. kennedy's wife, children, along with scores of nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, watched as has casket was placed in the hearst. they knew him as "uncle teddy," but his aspirations also touched young people who never met him. >> if we know there is something good, we should do it. >> reporter: the next days will be filled with tribute. then the last kennedy brother will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. karen brown, cbs news, boston. >> and stay with us for complete coverage of the passing of senator ted kennedy. for more reaction, log onto >>> the day's other big story is tropical storm danny. right now, that storm is gaining strength in the atlantic. and it is churning toward
. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> more of their emotional homecoming and details on how it all happened. >>> we're following a developing story. late-breaking details in the deadly shooting at a gym near pittsburgh. what we're learning about the suspect. >>> a bold new positive pofl to reduce the number of teenage std cases about the area. wait until you hear what d.c. schools are talking about doing. news 4 midday starts right now. >>> you're watching nbc 4 live from the leading news station. this is "news 4 midday." >>> good morning. we begin this midday with breaking news. the two american journalists arrested, convicted and sentenced to a labor camp in north korea are finally back on u.s. soil. they arrived in california just about two hours ago after a harrowing journey. brooke hart with the late-breaking details now. >> reporter: journalists laura ling and euna lee touched down on u.s. soil and to the family reunion of their lives. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea.
. >> it is good for the economy, good for our quality of life, good for the more sustainable future that all of us want to be able to create for the next generation. >> the governor is seeking federal approval and funding to build two new light rail projects. the 16-mile purple line would connect new carrollton to bethesda. the red line runs 14.5 miles. daily ridership is projected at 54,000. the governors' endorsement of the red line drew mixed reaction from a crowd he addressed at the rail station in west baltimore. [applause and boo's] >> the red line, also known as alternative for see, is opposed by several. >> we know that everybody is not going to like the plan. >> they are concerned the red line will divide it the corridor, opposing the single track tunnel, citing delays and possibly collisions. >> this is not a sound move by our governor. he has just put a lot of lives in danger. >> many oppose putting a port where the tracks, the ground. they say are not opposed to the mass transit the they want the red line built underground. >> the city spent millions of dollars beautifying boston backs
. >> you have taught us what truly counts is the courageous spirit and the generous heart. >> reporter: a courageous spirit and generous heart is how she is being remembered. her work is now her legacy. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes in recent years and died at cape cod hospital early tuesday morning. >> my mother has been, you know, a key leader in the field of mental retardation, special needs, intellectual disabilities. >> reporter: her sole surviving brother edward kennedy is battling brain cancer. in a statement released, shriver is described as amazing, a living prayer, and a center of power. senator kennedy said his earliest memory of his sister was as a young girl with great humor, sharp wit, and a boundless passion to make a difference. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and eunice kennedy shriver in essence started special olympics when she hosted kids with disabilities for a summer camp in her potomac, maryland backyard. this is video from last month's maryland special olympics at towson university. her sotimothy, who was also the chairman of the special oly
>> good morning. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will talk with sandra shaw who will tell us about whether any york. >> we have a very active weather pattern. you will need the umbrella for the afternoon during the next few days. this is a very tropical and moist air mass. instability will develop in the afternoon. scattered showers and storms today through saturday. 77 degrees downtown. partly cloudy and up to 90 before we see those scattered showers clear up. our weather pattern will change sunday morning. we will have more on that in her mccain bill in a short bit. -- hurricane bill in a short bit. >> let's check on traffic. we have an accident near st. paul. the speed sensors are looking pretty good around the area. there is a truck fire we are hearing about. we will update you on that as we get more information about it. five minutes on southbound i-95. here is a look at another portion of 95 in howard county looking very good. 95 at white marsh is checking out fine. the area bridges are looking very good. that is the latest. back to you. >> our big stor
at ruckston road. allow yourself extra time and use caution. the roads are pretty slick. that's a look at the morning travels. megan, back to you. >>> a state correction officer is fatally shot and this morning the search is on for her killer. erica car was shot several times. police found her in the seat of a ford explorer in the ken hill avenue. she was rushed to john hopkins hospital where she was pronounced dead. carr was shot in the arm, head and neck. >> reporter: officers were called to the area for shots fired. they did a canvas and this car was -- miss carr was found in a vehicle unresponsive in a ford explorer. >>> they have no reason for the shooting. >>> pastor st. george craw said that someone sprayed graffiti and tried to break into the overcomers tabernacle church. some think that the crime is linked to a funeral to be had today. the pastor thinks that someone responsible is trying to send a message. >> there would be certain people that are coming to the funeral, who they want to say, look, we don't only know where the funeral is being held, but we have come in and des
to be the worst. >> time flies. it seems like just yesterday. >> chris strong is here and he will prepare us for the worst. we've been through agnes, floyd, katrina. do you think we've learned something? amy from the maryland zoo's here. she always brings in cute creatures. evan from the "baltimore" magazine breaking down what's the future of the baltimore sun. everybody who picks it up cannot believe how thin it is. so we'll find out what the future of the baltimore sun is. >>> we'll talk about the iron girl triathlon coming up on sunday and it's already sold out so forget it. >> it should be good weather. >> and we'll hookup shrimp. we want to say good morning to my man eric. wtmv radio on the fm dial. he's playing honey island swamp band music for us. >> whoa. >> he's a great guy. shaq is coming to town this afternoon. he'll have a press conference with michael phelps tomorrow. i talked to randy for the boys and girls club. they will raise money for them. way to go, shaq, coming to town. what's he going to find weather-wise? >> thunderstorms, what else? at least through tomorrow. you kno
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." -- for " 11 news today in." >> we are starting to see a change in the forecast. this has been a slow-moving front. a lot of areas for low pressure has developed. we have seen some whitening in some areas especially on the eastern shore. -- lightning in some areas, especially on the eastern shore. 78 degrees-83 degrees is the temperature range for today. we will be " for most of today. -- cool for most of today. tomorrow it will be mostly sunny. feeling really pleasant out there. something to look forward to. over to you. >> good morning. the votes are a little slick out there. we it -- the roads are a little slick out there. some possible delays. a transformer fire on courtney road. the inner loop on the beltway, an accident is off to the side. westbound no. still shut down -- the right lane closed. a week and doing quite well of the rise. we are not seeing any delays this morning. it is slick out there. no problems to report in terms of delays. an easy ride on i-95. that is the latest. >> thank you. as washington wor
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. >> today we will be dry again. upper 80's. not quite as hot as it is today. partly cloudy. 84-87. a possible isolated thunderstorms today. this is a tropical storm danny. not very organized. 773 miles east to ocean city. it is still moving in the direction of the east coast. we will be on the good side of this thing if it is a hurricane by late saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> major roads are looking good. no delays at this time. we have some sort of closures along how offered -- harvard road due to police activity is closed. dealing with closures along utah street because of a gas main break repair. saratoga is blocked in the area of green street due to the water main break repairs. all lanes are closed in both directions. take pennsylvania asher alternates to utah. -- as your alternate to utah. this is a live view of the beltway up for the west. the delays to report on the north side. that is the late as. back to you both. >> shooting involving one of their>> police tell us a woman was inj
captioning institute >> good morning, everyone. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover big story in just a moment. let's check on the weather. >> things will be quiet today. partly cloudy skies. by this afternoon, an elated thunderstorm. -- an isolated thunderstorm perhaps. 84-87 today. a lot of moisture will get in ahead of tropical storm danny. it is 773 miles east of ocean city. we will see the greatest impact with the storm as it is offshore in the a lentic. i will have more on that coming up. let's check on traffic. >> we are dealing with a few early morning issues. an accident just before route 29. traffic is getting by westbound on i-70. take a bellaire road escher alternate to a closure on harford due to police activity. there are closures -- take bel air rhoda as your alternate to a closure -- road asher alternate to a closure on harford due to police activity. there are also closures on saratoga in utah do to water main breaks and gas main breaks. back to you. >> thank you. own. hazelwood. our reporter joins us live from police headqua
by the national captioning institute >> bid morning. >> thanks for joining us. -- good morning. >> thanks for joining us for a 11 news today. >> we have a very good chance, about 50% chance of scattered storms. not everyone will get the rain fall. but the storms could be intense if you are caught in them. 71 degrees at the airport. 80 degrees at ocean city. a high of 89 degrees-91 degrees. partly cloudy skies. the front makes its head way through here late this afternoon. more on all of that coming up in a bit. >> nothing weather-related at the moment. the afternoon commute could be a different story. an accident in spite of i-70. the ramp has a delay there. a water main break on falls road. in medical call coming in southbound at the fort mchenry told plaza -- toll plaza blocking lang 15. here -- lane 15. here is a live view of the mountain road area. some nice movement around the white marsh area. that is the latest. over to you. >> thank you. our big story this morning, in a little more than an hour from now, some journalists who live in prison -- imprisoned in north korea
] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to the big stories in just a minute. first, let's get to a check on the forecast. >> it was 94 degrees at the airport yesterday. 97 degrees downtown. 98 degrees in ocean city. we are still in the low 90's today. we expect some showers this afternoon. it will briefly closed down. the showers are ahead of a cold front which will change our weather pattern by the middle of the week. 80 degrees and ocean city this morning. it was 109 yesterday at one time. more clouds this afternoon and scattered showers and storms. details on your seven-day forecast coming up. >> good morning. we are dealing with an accident on 295. southbound has some enclosures and some delays. it stretches back to 100. you may want to take i-95 beshore alternate this morning. a nice ride in other areas. the drive times a looking pretty good. a 10 minute ride on the beltway. here is a live view of traffic as you are headed out on 29 south5 fell. it is inching a long -- 295 southbound.
by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. we would give a check of the forecast right now. sandra shaw is on her way to new york to fill in for kelly. >> yes. we are going to be dealing with scattered storms in the evening hours. if you patchy clouds starting to move in. temperatures right now still 76 degrees downtown. 72 degrees at the airport. 77 degrees in ocean city. an increase in costs by at lunchtime. as far as weather is concerned, it should not impact traffic. what do you have before us? >> whether is not impacting traffic. we have a downed tree in owings mills. we will keep an eye on that to see if any delays develop. we have a water main break on southbound bel air road. automating traffic northbound which will cause some big problems -- and they are alternating traffic northbound which will cause some big problems. and an accident in glen burnie. the inner loop and out of luke are moving fine. a bit of a shot -- inner loop and outer loop are moving fine. a beautiful shot as th
. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell united state us hos and if it's going to last throughout the week. >> good morning, patrice. it's going to last through the day. although it will warm into the 70s this afternoon. it's a cool start and it will be a cool couple days before we see a warm up before the weekend. we will look forward to 80s then. today 75. at the bus stop, here is where we start. 63 degrees, there are locations to the north that are starting in the upper 50s. as patrice said it, a chilly start and you might want the light jacket. mostly cloudy skies. and we should some sunshine mixed in during the day. you will see the 50s up in pittsburgh and in general, 57 in harrisburg, and more 50s as you go further points toward buffalo. it's going to be a chilly start for everybody in the mid-atlantic and the northeast and you see showers to the south, staying to the south and high pressure staying to the north. it fights off the shower activity to the north. if you're in the north, expect showers, and then they will taper off by afternoon and we will look forward to clear or clear
to another frightening discovery. karen parks joins us with the discovery you are seeing first on on fox tonight. >> ian was shocked that a 17-year-old lifeguard would bite him. his mother said she tried to talk to supervisors at recreation and parks and gave her the run around. now she is afraid he may have terrorized other kids that are too scared to speak up. >> me and smi friends were playing, and we made a house out of foam. >> ian was playing here at the aquatic center in northwest baltimore, july 31. >> then the lifeguard came upstairs, and he messed up our little house. so i went over there and smacked him in the arm. >> he says that 17-year-old lifeguard retaliateed. >> then he picked me up and bit me. >> leaving marks two weeks later. >> it was like having your arm punched together by two rocks very hard. and it just made me want to cry so much. it was so painful. >> i was upset. >> his mother alycia approached the teen. >> he said well i always play with the kids. and i said aren't you supposed to be in the pool? why would you bite him. well he bit me. he pointed to his hand a
. >> reporter: the president blames his opponents to use scare tactics to create misinformation and told the cheering crowd what will be scary is if nothing is done soon, gran junction -- grand junction, colorado. >> how could the government pay for its own health care system. he said -- raising some taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year. >>> also this morning governor martin o'malley wants to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for local governments. he's looking to fill a budget shortfall. the governor says $250 million in state aide could get the ax affecting not only local health departments but also police, community colleges and money for roads. >>> michael phelps is still feeling the effects from thursday's car crash in mt. vernon. he says his ankle is still sore and in the message this morning on his official facebook site, phelps expresses some concern for the woman who police say caused the crash. she was ticketed for running a red light. no one seriously injured. phelps will resume training monday. >>> safety in the skies the next time you try to hop on a
. ♪ ave maria >> he was given the gift of time and he used that gift to right as many wrongs as the years would allow. >> while it may have posed a challenge to my physical health it propped up my emotional health because it kept my father by my bedside. >> i love you, dad. i always will. i miss you already. ♪ for beautiful >> thank you for sharing the senator and so much of his life with us. >> just a few of the memorable moments from the funeral mass and buehrle for senator ted -- and burial for senator ted kennedy. >> 11 news washington bureau reporter nicole killion has our story. >> we begin in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. >> family and friends of edward kennedy gathered for one last time to say good-bye. the senator's final words read in a letter, he said, to the pope just before he died. >> i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, i have tried to right my path. >> they capped off a day of farewell that through the streets of washington included an emotional stop at the nation's capitol. >> this country outpoured
in our public life. and millions of americans, hundreds of us who were affected by his personal touch. >> he was the youngest of nine, and kennedy was at the helm of the famous family, staring them through rough waters of personal tragedy. tributes for the senator are now revealed. it is motorcade will take his body to the john f. kennedy library where he will lie in repose until friday. the funeral will take place in boston on saturday, where family and world leaders, including president obama, will honor the man and his legacy. he was remembered for his love of country, family, and to see his powerful voice tnow silenced will be one that echoes long after his death. two weeks ago, his sister, eunice kennedy shriver passed away. >> senator kennedy is remembered as one of the most influential senators of our time. president barack obama says the country has lost a great leader. >> in the united states senate, i can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides of the aisle. his extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end. an extraordina
get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >>> good afternoon everyone. president obama once ben bernanke to stay on the job. the president interrupted his vacation to announce he was appointing him to a second term. he will still have to be confirmed. we begin this afternoon with project economy. >> backtracking on a promise of a new news vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama interrupted with the news that he wants ben bernanke to stay on as fed chairman. >> as an expert on the causes of the great depression, i am sure he never imagined he would park -- be part of a team responsible for preventing another. >> ben bernanke is widely credited with rescuing the country from the economic disaster that began the next year. >> that approach with the financial sys
institute >> good morning, everyone. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to our big story in just a moment. let's check on the forecast. >> organize state today. we will see dry conditions for one more day. for today, it will sound like a repeat of what we have been doing all week. 84-87. a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm. there is a front that is stalled out. when we see the approach of tropical storm danny, we will see how it will affect us. but it looks like by saturday morning, it will be in our vicinity. it is more offshore. more of an impact in the area. it'll be a category one hurricane. more coming up. let's check out traffic. >> good morning everybody. let's see what is going on. harford road is shut down due to some police activity. the closure of saratoga at greenwood. yesterday it was westbound that was shut down. now both directions are closed at green street. we are doing quite well on the major roadways otherwise. 11 minutes on the southbound i- 95. here is a live view of traffic in the area. so far so good both northboun
will be hearing from senator mikulski shortly, but the junior u.s. senator also released a statement saying i served for two years on the judiciary committee and i consider him one of the most remarkable leaders of our generation. i have lost someone who does been a mentor and one of my heroes. sheila dixon led a moment of silence before today's board meeting. she later spoke about his impact on the people of baltimore. >> his contribution in making sure that the country is open to justice and equality, he was a voice in some cases alone to provide opportunities for many people. we benefited as a result of that. >>> there is much more on the legacy of ted kennedy on our web site. you can hear more reaction from around the world and view of his life in picture is to his life as the senator of massachusetts. there is also a look back at the legacy of the kennedy family. it is all on the homepage of >>> before we go -- are going to go to our project economy report? we are going to get barbara mikulski in now. we appreciate you joining us. your reaction on his passing. >> first of all
. use caution as you head to the commute. good news in 95 southbound and the earlier crash is cleared. in getting word of a fire and expect to see crews on the scene there. and inner loop that crash is on the scene and blocks the right shoulder. and that a wash on the scene there. and west bound parkway and crews are preparing for the water main break that has the right lane remaining block. >> this is the guy on the bike that you pass he is the one with the shoes, gloves. mir yobs -- mirrors. he is as highly educated us a you can get is hit and killed by a truck. this what happened on tuesday morning right at the maryland avenue at west laf net near penn station. >> reporter: jack yates was a biker for 20 years. he was hit by a truck and killed. he was hit as the driver made a turn from maryland avenue. the accident was caught on camera but they could not make out the license plate. he was on his way to the university of baltimore where he was pursuing his third master's degree. his family says that he was always safe on his bike and had mirrors on the helmet. and clipped the back w
county republican chair used his network of contacts to organize this vocal opposition at the town hall meeting. >> this was citizens who were upset with public policy and that rarely happens, especially not only in maryland but also nationwide, when citizens are upset with public policy. >> senator ben cardin got an earful from hundreds of angry constituents. >> i have done town hall meetings for a long time but i think this one is exceeded numbers we have seen it in the past. >> both sides seem to agree that the meaning behind this may trumped the motivation. >> it was an opportunity to exchange views. i had a chance to respond to the questions. >> anytime you can involve public opinion and debate, it is a wonderful thing. i would like to see more of it. >> both sides also note the debate will rage all summer long. an organization is mobilizing and declaring that "is getting ugly." the senator's office tells us that no tickets will be required for tomorrows meeting, you just have to show up and get in line. >> we would like to know where you stand on the health care reform issue. >> h
recognizes h1n1 is going to be a challenge for all of us and there will be people who are going to be getting sick in the fall and die. >> another deadly issues, president calderone's war against mexican drug cartel, which are only getting stronger. drug-related deaths surpassed 12,000 this month. president obama stands firmly with calderone as the cartels have increasingly branched out into the u.s. >> we have responsibilities to reduce the trafficking of guns into the south that help strengthen these cartels and the flows of money and money laundering. >> they will also discuss an issue of livelihood, unemployment in the u.s. caused by a trucking dispute. in 1994 the two countries agreed to allow mexican trucks to haul their loads directly into the u.s. to expedite delivery as long as safety measure were met. but members of congress and teamsters union complain the trucks are unsafe and block them from entry. >> allow them into our country will diminish safety on our highways. >> reporter: in retall yashgs, mexico slapped $2.4 billion worth of tariffs on products, devastating businesses th
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> the waves are unbelievable. >> storm sweep through the east coast. we'll show you how the rough surf is affecting the weekend. >> his brothers were not. he used that gift to touch many lives and right as many wrongs as the years would allow vment >>reporter: a final farewell for edward kennedy. how thousands paid their respects. >>> warm and muggy today. a cooldown is headed our way. i'll tell you when the 70s arrive in the full forecast. >>> smart strategies for the state fair. we'll show you, play and win. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening. i'm jeff abell karen has the evening off. >>> americans spent this day saying goodbye to senator ted kennedy. first, with a funeral in massachusetts, followed by boston and washington. the senator was laid to rest just feet from his two slain brothers. jennifer davis is in washington with more. >>reporter: in massachusetts, they memorialize edward kennedy, the man.
in the shoulder. it happened last night in cherry hill. john sherman joins us live from city police headquarters with more on the story. >> police insist this was a random, accidental shooting. the police commissioner has known the victim for years. >> it is absolutely ridiculous that people are still suffering this way. >> this is cherry hill community leader shirley folks'home, and this is the bullet hole. last night, a random shot passed through here and into her shoulder. >> incredibly unfortunate and horrible that miss shirley is sitting in her house and she gets hit by stray bullet. >> he came to know mrs. shirley during his time leading the southern district. >> here is a lady who has dedicated a big chunk of her adult life to making the neighborhood say for -- safer. we are going to get on top of this and hold those responsible and accountable. >> as to speculation she may have been targeted for past support of the police, the commissioner says there is simply no evidence. >> she is a great partner to of us. people need to be clear. this is not a case where she got hit because she had a
. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." -- for "11 news today." that its economic forecast. >> it is going to feel uncomfortable today. poor air quality in the city today. take it easy of side. as far as rainfall, there is no concern right now. a week high pressure is in control for another 24 hours. we will see the lower southerly flow later on. it means more dewpoint increases. it means a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. it will be uncomfortable up to 91 degrees. chances of showers tomorrow. more on that coming up in a little bit. >> good morning. if you're heading out in jessup this morning, the scene of a head-on collision. erode reporter just of writing on the scene. we will have more effort -- a world reporter just arriving on the scene. we will have more information when we get it. no delays on the rest of the area roads. the space sensors show we are up to speed this morning. -- the speed sensors show we are up to speed this morning. 395 looking good. harrisburg expressway looks very good. that is the latest on track -- traffic pollulse. >> they appear to be heroi
: they say they have given up lot already, and if the state were to use layoffs to help close a budget hole, it would hurt a lot of families. >> no layoffs, no furloughs, no cuts in benefits. no cuts period, because right now is the time when state employees are needed more than ever when there is a demand for services is not a good time to cut. >> reporter: while the unions continue to wrestle with the governor to try to preserve jobs, the state has to fill a huge hole in the budget. hundreds of millions of dollars have to be cut by labor day, and the only thing that hasn't been cut so far has been jobs. the governor's staff now says state agencies have to take a close look at low-priority programs and pull in resources, including personnel. >> we've asked agencies to look at operating businesses in their operations a little bit differently. we said every agency doesn't need a pio officer, every agency doesn't need a governmental person. maybe you can share the resources. >> reporter: but lawmakers say they want to make sure that the state is looking at all options here, and not just jobs
with a burial here in arlington national cemetery. megan mcgrath joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy will be buried with congressional honors saturday evening. an army firing party will fire a volley and a bugler will play "taps" during the ceremony. visitors will be able to go to arlington. it will be open on saturday. but they will be kept away from the kennedy burial site. he was a son o massachusetts. but the liberal lion spent much of his time at his second home here in washington. ted kennedy's years in the senate along with his two years in the army qualify him for burial at arlington national m cemetery much his grave expected to be 95 feet south wrf the eternal flame burns in memory of john f. kennedy. also buried at the site, brother robert. >> the hope rises again. >> reporter: while ted kennedy spent much of his life in the public eye, his burial service will be private with only family and friends in attendance. visitors wishing to see other parts of the cemetery will be able to do so but will be kept site. and robert e. lee house on the hill al
umbrella for later today. >> great to have you with us this morning. we are keeping an eye on what it looks like outside. mecowith me as we travel back in metime from the netherlands carillon and you can see how the clouds have been zooming by. beautiful shot there. muggy this morning and 73. southwest winds at six. there's the rain from yesterday, gone but we will be firing it up this afternoon. we'll take a trip to the lower 90s. angie, good morning. >> good morning to you, kim. kicking off the 5:00 hour. a little camera tour for you beginning with the outer loop in maryland. no complaints so far. live shot at university. we will take it to the maps and show you route 4, rout 5, crane highway. all of the roads are clear. hey, virginia, what's up on 395? this drive incident free. a good amount of head lights past duke street. on the inner loop between 95 and 66 you can see according to sensors drivers are moving at a great pace on average and on 66 out of gainesville to 123 up to 495 looking at a nice quiet drive to far but volume is building. over to andrea. >>> if you want to go fast bet
be used to extract money from your account and put it into the accoun heofpe tople doing this. >> he recommends that people their systems, and update their antivirus software. in washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now and >> we should expect to see cyber attacks just like this one continue rather frequently. for more information about this cyber attack and for tips on how to protect your personal information, go to our website, and click on the twitter, facebook story. >>> president barack obama is headed to mcclane tonight to give a midsummer boost for creigh deeds. as peggy fox reports, there is a debate over whether a presidential visit would help or hurt. >> college students played a big role in electing barack obama. the first democratic candidate to win in virginia in 40 years. but the president's approval numbers have been slipping. >> our economy is struggling. i know he inherited it from bush, but he hasn't done anything in my view to necessarily strengthen that yet. he is a lot like the old system. it's not the change that people expected. >> even stude
for joining us and have a great weekend. >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting a news conference from the national transportation safety board. officials are expected to gi an update on the deadly midair collision over the hudson river. i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. the associated presses recording the police department has located wreckage from the small plane that slammed into a tour khp chopper yesterday. so far divers have pulled five bodies from the waters. another four are believed to be missing. they recovered a pete's sightseeing helicopter. three people aboard the plane have been identified as members of a pennsylvania family. laura ingle is in new jersey and joins us live with the latest on the recovery effort. >> we are getting word that the search for the small plane that has been going on all day long and they have found the small aircraft just a little north of where we witnessed the helicopter coming out, at least part of it a short time ago. we had dramatic type tape of when the dievsz found the plane using a large crane off a huge boat. they we
of ems, our borough president has joined us, and we also have representatives from the national transportation safety board which will do the complete investigation, we have also have the coast guard on board and we have representatives from the port authority, the harbor police, the new york state police, over on the jersey side we have been working with the jersey state police and local police forces there. what we can tell is that the plane left from teeterboro, the helicopter had just taken off from west 30th street, there were a number of eyewitnesses who saw the crash, it would appear that the airplane ran into the back side of the helicopter. but keep in mind with all of these things, number one, until national transportation safety board makes the determination nothing is a fact. and it can take them many weeks or even years to determine what goes on. this probably won't be that big an investigation. but they will do a complete investigation before they announce their conclusions as to what happened. and whether there are any steps that should be taken to improve safety.
the irvine nature center to tell us all about native plants. >> i'm on the planning committee fortunative plant seminar. we have a wonderful plant sale coming up saturday. we're having two speakers in the morning and four workshops in the afternoon. a plant sale from 7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. >> and this has been going on a long time. >> this is the 18th annual native plant seminar. we have been doing this for quite a long time and really enjoy doing it and have had wonderful speakers over the years. >> it is a learning experience and an opportunity to do this in your back yard. >> a great source of native plants for one day, and it's a feeding frenzy if you are interested in native plants. >> next to carrie is a shrub that does well in this time of year. now is the time of year, shrubs, it is the time to put them in. >> it is a good time to put them in. this is an arrowwood viburnam. it is native to this part of the area. it has blooms in the spring that are good for pollinators and they are good for birds. >> it tolerates the summer heat? >> yes. >> that will work
the scenes with us with his assets to get this done. it has been a community push and we're proud. >> cindy, even though his remains have been found, there are still being unanswered questions. i think the biggest one for the speicher family is how did he die, did he die as a result of being shot down or was he captured, taken into custody and killed later. has the pentagon said anything to the family after examining the remains that might shed light on that? >> not directly. now we've heard from other sources that there is a discussion that he died in the crash. he didn't die in the crash. dead men don't eject. so captain speicher ejected from the plane, he was on the ground. the question is for how long. this area has been searched in 1995. it had been searched in 1996. we had searched it separately. we have to do our own investigation, we'll do it in cooperation with the navy, and then at that point we will have a final end to this story. >> and after 18 years, are plans in the works now for a proper burial for captain speicher? >> yes, sir. he will be given, of course, the proper milita
>>> good morning. thursday. friday almost here. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. week going by in a hurry. what do you have coming up? >> we've been talking about your kids, talking about going back to school one thing, going back to school for some kids, it's exciting, you prepare, what are you going to wear, eat, school supplies. for other kids, whether it's a new school or the same old school there's a lot of anxiety that comes with it. we're going to get down to where that comes from and how you can take care of it. what parents need to do to help their kids. >>> hopefully somebody won't bother your kid at school this year. what makes a bully tick? how do you stop it from getting out of hand? we'll explain. it's not only in person but on-line now. a lot of bullying going on on-line. >> television changed since mr. rogers. we're talking about that. texting. computers. >> don't you hate that? what are you doing? oh, texting. unplug your kids for a moment. don't you hate it when they whip it out at the dinner table or family function and they a
the service will be held. they have done a security check all morning long. what can you tell us about what is going on there this morning? >> good morning. families and members of congress are meeting here at the library. we want to show you a live picture of the widow of ted kennedy. she is reading some of the delegates today from the house and the senate. they will make their way out to the church in a short time. the boisterous senator from massachusetts and the youngest of nine in the kennedy family, suddenly had a special connection to this place where he came when his daughter was getting treated for cancer and then returned when he was diagnosed with cancer. now, once again, he returns. to more senator ted kennedy's upset and celebrate his life. a high mass at this boston church. president barack obama will deliver the eulogy. on the eve of the funeral, colleagues and family gathered for a private memorial at the jfk library. an emotional night and those who knew him best. a lifelong friend. >> [unintelligible] be at peace my friend. >> to colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> i
at the rockies restaurant at the inner harbor. megan gilliland joins us with the very latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. tony fein was having dinner when security thought he was passing a gun to his friends under the table. they thought it was a handgun, but it turns out it was a cell phone. inside the inner harbor johnny rockets, sunday evening, security officials spotted what they thought was a gun being passed around one of the dinner tables. they called police for backup. they asked the subjects to stand up, one of the subjects resisted police and became belligerent. the sergeant approached him and asked him to stand up again. he resisted stood up and pushed the officer on the chest. the officer fell down. >> reporter: injuring his elbow. the man has been identified as anthony fein. once he was apprehended, police were able to determine that what security thought was a gun was just a cell phone. >> they had to do what they had to do call police for backup. >> everybody is watching everything right now. >> reporter: ravens fans just learning of the news, say t
, pulled us out or we could stand. it was scary. >> the tide is out, and people are playing on the flash. if it continues to build, it could be a dangerous situation. this weekend, make sure you are in front of one of the members of the beach patrol. it is possible that there will be restricted swimming as the storm approaches. >> don't forget, you can check the weather at the beach at any time by going to the weather section of our website. >>> surprising new details about a story we saw first on abc 7. thieves are using firefighters tools to break into a series of atms. courtney robinson is live in prince george's county. the equipment may have been stolen? >> that is something that investigators are looking into tonight. prince george's county fire tells us that back in april, one of their fire trucks went in for repairs. when it came back, it was missing some of the equipment similar to that of what firefighters we spoke to believe the thieves used in the theft. in less than one minute, thieves bust open this atm, take the cash, and run into a waing blue truck. customers and employee
escaping custody. 20-year-old devin champagne was being channels importanted thursday night before he used his handcuffs to choke the deputy before fleeing. he visited his family but dependent stay long. if you have any information, you are asked to call howard county, police. efforts to close the state's $700 million budget shortfall could mean less money for local governments. today martin o'malley announced a recommendation from his budget secretary to cut $250 million to local governments. o'malley is scheduled to bring more than $400 million dollars in cuts this month. he made the announcement at the maryland association of counsell summer conference in ocean city. >> gorgeous saturday outside. a little butt of humidity, but not much. it is gorgeous to be outside. the radar picking up a few light rain showers down toward places like frostberg. not anticipating that to reach us here. temperatures, 87 in baltimore, 84 at b.w.i., 83 in dover and ocean city. we are still at 90 in frederick. for tonight, the clouds will clear out a bit. we could see a few areas with patchy fog as temperatu
, an andy reid offense that i think will be unheard of in the nfl. >> if they sit him on the bench, make us look bad for having michael vick in town, it was a stupid signing. >> and the signing pleft peta outraged. the animal rights group was disappointed that the frafla -- philadelphia eagles would choose to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees. vick acknowledged he has a lot of work to do on and off the field. >> playing in the nfl is a privilege and not a right. >> as the season gets underway, the debate is sure to rage, whether it was right to let him play again. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a grand jury has handed an indictment in connection with the death of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair. prosecutors secured an indictment of adrian gillian, jr., charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. gilliam is accused of selling a firearm to mcnair's girlfriend two days before his murder. >> the accused trigger man in the death of a federal witness, carl lackl is sentenced to prison. jonathan cornish plead guilty to gunning down lackl as he stood outside his home with his daughter ne
>>> holding a hijacked ship off the coast of somalia. opened fire on a u.s. navy helicopter. >>> senator edward kennedy today began his final journey through the streets of a state that elected him to the u.s. senate nine times. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm wendy rieger. doreen is off this evening. senator kennedy was taken from his family's home on cape cod to the jfk library in boston. he arrived late this afternoon. steve handelsman is in boston this evening to talk about this. >> reporter: good evening from the jfk library in boston where senator kennedy's coffin has arrived. been taken inside and nearly 100 members of the kennedy can't are paying their respects. when they come out, there is a big line of the general public here. one security officialed 1600. it could be many more than that. the line stretches off into the distance and thousands of others in this area have already paid their respects and as the senator's motorcade made its way here. senator edward kennedy began his final journey. his casket carried from the family's legendary home at hyannis port.
with a full hour of news. stay with us. >>> tropical trouble. the first named storm to make landfall in the united states and the threat doesn't stop there. the one-two punch brewing in the atlantic ocean in this so far quiet hurricane season begins to heat up. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this monday, the 7th day of august 2009. nice picture out there. the washington skyline all lit up as we begin another workweek. >> and we're going to talk to meteorologist tom kierein now in the studio about this workweek, begiing today what can we expect from the weather? >> a hot day. great day for the beaches and pools. you'll want to stay cool. by this afternoon we'll be soaring into the-9 m-90s. right now, no precipitation m as we look wase look radar we are ofoo aadf rar we are ef af rtof -freraree start.ino. wagtinup. upper 60s in montgomery, fairfa pnth serou mnanareaylar the bay. on the eastern shore. these are the current dewpots. iney are comfortableth ts. they are comfortable in the low mi and ts
travel. route 1 which is bellaire road is shut down due to some wires this morning. use hartford road. there is a problem involving an accident near nottingham. looking good overall on the rest of the major roadways. and a water main break near mlk. you can see the northeast corner of picking up in volume. we may see some more delays as people had back-to-school this morning. here is a live view of 895. light rail is not operating to gilroy due to a power outage. back to you. >> police officers -- an police officer is on administrative leave with more after he shot and killed a suspect. >> police just issued an arrest warrant for the suspect in several robberies in the past week. when a police tried to arrest the suspect, the situation turned deadly. the evening ended in violence. it started with a call for a robbery at the m&t bank of around 1/6 yesterday evening. it sounded very familiar to police. >> the description of the suspect was one matching that of a robbery on saturday. robbery detectives had applied for award for a suspect. >> police suspect a same man about 50 years old d
, but that is nearly 200,000 fewer the memoir -- then there were in gen. -- ben there were in june. >> thousands of u.s. military men and women have been given a new opportunity to go to school. the new gi bill just went into effect and the idea is to offer soldiers a free college education. for years of tuition, housing and other fees. and there is a snag. >> already, there have been 100 students that say the new bill is a knockout, but it is too much for the va to handle. they are asking for some wiggle room when it comes to paying on that bill. >> the new post 9/11 gi bill has only been in effect for seven days and some say they already have concerns. the registrar in charge of registration benefits. >> we look at numbers that come out and we can see that the numbers are going up and up and up of claims that have been received but not yet processed. >> if they are not processed, students could see a delay in the number they are expecting to pay for books and supplies and tuition. the department of veterans affairs responded to this by saying that the va has reached out to demonstrate hamas flexibili
you know it's bad when football players used to playing in the heat. when it gets them, it's bad. >> all of that 25 to 30 pounds of equipment on them. >> yeah. >> everybody should take it easy. who has respiratory problems. you know the drill. we will get through a couple of more days, patrice mentioned, it we will be seeing cooler drier air, not tomorrow, not -- not tood, not tomorrow, but on sunday. the system has had a history of nasty storms with, when it gets here by later on this afternoon, the leading edge edge of it will be thunderstorm activity and still the humidity builds up tomorrow. as you can see the temperatures flirting with 80-degree mark, at oakland the exception, 68 as cooler air has started to filter in there. we have one or two more days of the triple hhhs, that is right, 85, and 89 by lunchtime and topping out in the 90 degrees. could heavy scattered thunderstorms especially after 5 or 6:00 tonight. we will update you on hurricane bill and the impact he might have here at home. what do you say we check in right now on friday morning whether folks are taking
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